Nov 30, 2009


I'm in a Christmasy mood...

Woodland Christmas

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Sorry I've been so absent in the blog world! There is a lot going on at present, and I've been very distracted. Pretty soon I'll be taking off to visit my relatives for a week and a half, so there will probably be ACEO cards showing up (since they're so small and portable whilst traveling). Hopefully I will get a good amount of painting done!
It is just about time for me to put up my little Christmas tree. I have to dig it out of the garage and my little box of ornaments. I love all the colored lights that are all over town this time of year. And hot chocolate! And eggnog!

Nov 17, 2009

A Rainy Day for an Art Post

New stuff has dried!

Mandolin Player

He Knows the Way

Argh, I still hate my scanner -- it totally washed out all of the subtle colors and shading out of this girl's white dress. Ah well, rest assured it looks a lot more interesting in person.
It is raining! It has looked like evening all day long, and I've been bundled in my gray little old man sweater. It is a day I wish I could curl up with a book and tea all day. Well, I can have the tea at any rate!

Nov 11, 2009


This one's all dry...

It is very cold and rainy up here on the foresty hill today... strangely, a few tomatoes still hang on to the withered plants pretending to ripen, but they look kind of mottled. Tomatoes in November??
Last week we had TWO birds smack into the front window of the house. One did not make it :( but the other I put in a box way up on the big wooden stepladder, and he was only stunned so eventually recovered. Poor birdies! I am not sure why they are flying into the window all of a sudden, perhaps they think the lily-ish pattern on the curtains makes it a real bush to land in.
This is *definitely* curling up and sketching weather. When I was little rainy days were my favorite days to draw, in my pajamas at the table in the dining room, where we had a giant window from floor to ceiling (just a window, not a sliding glass door). That, or I'd go out and roll in the mud in my best Sunday dresses (sorry, Mommy!).
*Proceeds to drawing*