Jun 23, 2010


So the big day was Sunday, June 20! I'm now Mrs. Medlin. :) The ceremony was lovely, our friends worked so hard to make it a beautiful day. We had a good time with my immediate family, too (it was a small gathering) and my kitty Kiba was finally able to move down here with me! He's hanging out with me in the office right now, staring at me as I type. He's gradually becoming acclimatized to the place, and not too much fur flying between him and our other cat, Sparkie. Though Sparkie is very jealous and is demanding extra pets for bringing this orange beast here.
My computer is still being fixed, so I'm still typing on David's computer. I have so much to do regarding website banner changes and such! I hope my laptop is recovered soon. Like I mentioned before in the comments, I decided on going with a hyphenated last name just for the art business so people can still find me. In everyday life no hyphen though. :)
I'm also in finding a second JOB mode... never my favorite to job hunt. The economy's been difficult this year and hard on my art business. I still have hopes of making it full time again though. A family business, by golly! I am not giving up. I'd love nothing more than for David and me to be home together, both doing the art business full time. God willing, it will happen.
Well goodnight all, I might just have it in me to make some cookies this evening!

Jun 16, 2010

Computer Doom

Well sadly, my computer has had a royal meltdown, and David is now in the process of fixing it (ie, completely re-formatting it)! Thus, progress on the Zazzle shop and pretty much everything else art businessy has been temporarily halted. I suppose it could have had worse timing, as this weekend is our wedding ceremony and as such, I am quite a busy girl anyway. Almost time!! I am trying to clean this house for my parents' sakes, heheh.
Once the computer is back in business, I think it would be fun to post some sketches. I hear ice cream calling me from the freezer...

Jun 7, 2010

Thoughts of a Monday

Howdy! I'm working on the Zazzle store today... It was that or tackle the upstairs bathroom of doom (OH how it needs cleaning), and surprise, the store won. Not much of a contest there, hee hee.
Yesterday we met with the wedding photographer (also a good friend) and took some lovely pictures! I can't wait to get them back. I'm feeling blessed by how people are pulling together to make the ceremony nice. Without them it would not have been anything like this.
It's a scorching day in Fresno-town and I'm hiding indoors with all of the blinds drawn to try and keep the heat out. Iced tea abounds. Later I will attempt making cookies with no eggs. I've read that applesauce might work as a substitute, and that I have plenty of.
I love my man, among many other reasons, because he'll play Lincoln Logs with me, build little corrals and cabins and barns, and play with the little plastic farmer and cow with voices and everything. It's good for a My Little Pony and various other toys-loving freak like me to find another toy-loving freak. Viva inner childhood. That is all. :)

Jun 4, 2010

Thoughts of a Thursday

So I decided to open up a Zazzle store! Still working on it. Probably will be for awhile, so many things to choose from!
Today, besides working, has been a low-key one of watching old X-Files episodes and the first X-Men. Haha, both X I just realized. My fiance and I have decided to watch all of the X-Files seasons in order. I love that show!! Oh yes, and I've been re-creating various website headers, banners, etc. to update my new soon-to-be married name, which I'm going to hyphenate for the art business for now. So they'll be popping up here, there, everywhere...
Back to X-Men and perhaps some sketching.

Jun 3, 2010

By golly, I'm partially moved

Well here I am in sunny Fresno! Phase 1 of moving complete. I have managed to thus far paint a couple of mermaid ACEOs…

Heart of the Sea On auction HERE

Yellow Mermaid On auction HERE

It’s crazy the difference in weather between here and Shasta Lake. It was rainy and gloomy and cold up north, but here it is sunny and hot! Life is even busier too, I’m afraid, what with the wedding ceremony soon and all. But it should be fun! Now I must catch up on an inbox full of emails and figure out a lot of stuff about life…