Mar 15, 2010


Well hi everyone, and thank you for all your well-wishes! I have a new little wildflower painting to share -- truly I am inspired by Spring coming soon with all of its smells and pretty things to see. It was warm today for the first time in rather awhile, so I took the opportunity to sit outside in the sun. I hope that trend continues!

Bee and Wild Mustard - 6x6" Watercolor
Available in my Etsy Shop

Yep, still on my flower kick. It might last awhile. I have so many photos I have taken of little wild things and little garden things that I really think I ought to make use of them, eh? I am uncertain, however, what to do with these website-wise. Perhaps when I have painted a good chunk more of them I'll make a separate website for this style. What do you think? Or is that complicating things too much.

Mar 5, 2010

Realism is Fun

By golly, I painted something. It's been awhile! Like I said in my last post, I'm trying some realism for a change. I've found it to be relaxing so far, just finding all of the interesting colors and shapes and values. Here's some nature for y'all:

Rose Hip - 5x7 Watercolor
It's HERE in my Etsy Shop!
Today was a cleaning the house kind of day, since my brain can't seem to settle down and focus on anything requiring concentration. For some reason cleaning and organizing my external environment helps me think better. The floor situation was getting dire anyway! *Blush*

Mar 4, 2010

Oldies but Goodies

Hi everyone! Sadly, the local gallery here that had a bunch of my artwork in it had to close -- but the good news is that all of those paintings (and a few prints) are now available to all of you. I've put everybody in my Etsy shop -- Click here to visit my shop! You might find some unexpected old friends in there.
Well, the big news is that I got engaged! :) Which is why I've been so scarce.
I have started painting some fine art lately, and I am enjoying it. It's been a very long time since I've really done any of that and I think I needed that kind of refreshment. Soon it shall be popping up here on the blog.
Spring is coming and it is about time to think about VEGETABLES again for the garden! I can't wait to start planting tomatoes. I'd really like to try some heirloom varieties, they have such beautiful colors and can get enormous. I had good luck last year with growing tomatoes in buckets, so I think I will do it again. Happy March, everyone!