Aug 24, 2009

Sketchy WIP stuff

Working on something for Illustration Friday....
Rough sketch:

More refined sketch:

Still much work to do!

Even though it is still very much summer over here, I am spending the day drinking warm herbal tea -- have a cavity that has started hurting with cold stuff. Bah!! Have I mentioned I am terrified of the dentist? I am going to have to drag myself over there sooner or later. Preferably sooner.
Second round of tomatoes have begun ripening, cucumbers have finally slowed down (good since we could no longer keep up!), and I used a great deal of the jalapeƱos to make jalapeƱo poppers. That was very tasty, and absolutely bursting with calories.
Back to drawing!

Aug 18, 2009

Little Birdies

Made these little guys today....

Hummingbird and Lilacs ACEO
Available in Etsy shop

Titmouse and Peonies ACEO
Available in Etsy shop

Been getting a hankering to illustrate the different animals/plants I see around here in the forest. These are some of them!
The melons are ripening in the garden finally, so there is an abundance of watermelon and cantaloupe. Yum!
Creative chaos for the day:

I think I need to rearrange the "studio", I am starting to feel cramped! Plus my mom has given me a lovely big area rug that wants to go in here somewhere... That's about all I've got for today. :)

Aug 11, 2009

Who's up for more owls?

Made these little guys yesterday:

Tea for a Saw-Whet ACEO

Original available in Etsy shop

Professor of the Barn ACEO

Original available in Etsy shop

I am irritated how my scanner sucked all the subtle coloring out of owl #2 -- rest assured, he has a lot more going on than this image shows! It is SO time for a new scanner. Anyone seen a Saw-Whet in person? I've seen some before when I lived in Eugene out at the Raptor Center (rehab for raptors!). They are the CUTEST THINGS IN THE UNIVERSE and they could fit in your pocket.
I've discovered people are really enjoying these little realistic animal ACEOs... so I obey the public. ;) I like them too.
I've been working on a sketch for Illustration Friday (Impatient); it may or may not be done in time! I'm also trying to finish a website for my Grandpa's memorial this Saturday, so time is getting a little pressed. Hopefully I'll have something done in time for IF though! Maybe it should just be a drawing, that might help.

Aug 2, 2009


It's done!


Original available in Etsy shop
Prints & such available in ArtWanted shop

My mailing list is having a glitch at the moment, so this blog post will have to do for an announcement! It's been that kind of a weird day. Really, oppressively hot/muggy...I am SO ready for autumn, and I am glad it is August so only one more month of summer. Though the vegetable garden is a pretty cool summer thing I must admit. Tomatoes are really starting to come in now, I just picked about 7 of them today! And gave away a big sack of cucumbers, as we are up to our ears in those.
Good gracious, almost midnight. Maybe I will indulge in a nice book.

More WIPs

Further progression of horse and girl...

It is done now, so I will post the finished result soon!