Jul 29, 2009

WIPs galore

Who's up for some slightly fuzzy pictures?
I am painting my little girl and horse illustration some more today...

A couple more sketches to be developed -- they may or may not look anything like this by the time I'm done:

My tiger is doing all the relaxation today (please excuse my laundry!):

Pretty as a Picture

Finished this little duo that's been laying around awhile...

Pretty as a Picture

I don't think that dog is interested in sitting still for a portrait!
Original available in Etsy shop

Jul 28, 2009

Back from bit of hiatus

Hi everyone, I am back -- for those who don't follow me on Twitter, there have been yet more difficult times for our family as my grandpa (whom we call Groompoo) passed away last week. We are doing ok, and thank you for all your well wishes and prayers so far!
Naturally I haven't really been in the mood to create or socialize much but I think I am going to get "back on the train" now... starting with today's no-pressure whatever I feel like drawing sketch:

I am going to paint these little friends as soon as I'm done with this post.
These are my drawing companions today:

Lucky and Kiba :) -- it is insanely hot at the forest on the hill; a scorching 117 degrees, so everyone is pretty much flopping all over floors and beds and such. Last I checked, Belle was flopped in the dining room and Bitsy under the coffee table.
Now to watch Hulu and paint.

Jul 16, 2009

Owl's Hollow

What would it be like to hang out with an owl for a day...

This is, in fact, available on Etsy :)

Jul 15, 2009

Today's Harvest

Can't resist sharing the garden fun today!

A bucket of goodness picked this morning. There were okra too, but we ate them. They aren't the least slimy if you grill them or fry them!

This is what happens when a potato grows in your compost heap. I wonder what the flowers will do?

The current state of the top garden. Squashes and melons have taken over EVERYTHING. I think we'll plan a whole lot more space for them next year. The mystery squash turned out to be acorn squash.
Back to painting for me. :)

Two more WIP shots

Going to have to stop for the evening as it is after midnight! But Schubert's piano Fantasie in F Minor for 4 hands playing in my earphones is so lovely.... I'll have to finish listening to it. :) One of my fellow music students and I used to attempt to play this duet back in the college days, ha ha. I'm afraid the "attempting" was more on my part than hers, she was a wonderful sight reader!
Well, goodnight then.

Jul 14, 2009

WIP Owl's Hollow

This one is for Illustration Friday, still have to paint it!

Jul 13, 2009

Mice and Life

Hi everyone, long time no see!
Life craziness has gotten the better of me. Despite this here are some mouse ACEOs on auction! Click HERE for the auctions

Lady at Court

Hug from Mama

I haven't had much painting time for a couple of weeks, but have had a lot of typing time instead (I have a typing side-job). My grandfather is in the hospital, so we have been visiting him a lot too -- have had some real scares with him. Today was the memorial for a dear family friend (my dad's best buddy as long as I've been alive!), and my dad was brave enough to get up in front of everyone with a guitar and sing "I'm Going Home on the Morning Train". He did a great job, I was proud of him! I know Eddie would have loved it. So yes, with all of these things it's been a roller coaster around here going from one emotion to the next. Still trucking along.
Our garden has been exploding with vegetables, so many we cannot even eat them all. The tomatoes have begun ripening too and they taste *awesome*.
Today's sampling:

There were more squashes and some bell peppers, but they got et for breakfast.

Peachy and Sunbeam say hello.

Jul 1, 2009

Lizzy and Mr. Darcy

Well here they are, finished!

Elizabeth Bennet

Fitzwilliam Darcy

I'm selling the originals as a set HERE on Etsy.

Lizzy prints are HERE
Darcy prints are HERE

Well, my Darcy is certainly no Colin Firth, but he'll have to do. :)
It has become scorchingly hot in the forest. Most days I just hide indoors with the curtains closed to keep the heat out, and come alive again at dusk! Makes for some odd sleeping hours sometimes. Today isn't so bad. Todays harvest from the garden: cucumbers (both English and pickling), a zucchini, and a beet. The eggplant is now 3 inches long! It is cute. And all of the hot pepper plants are covered in baby peppers. There are a lot of bell peppers sprouting, too, and we are waiting for them to change colors. Can't wait for the tomatoes to ripen! I cannot believe how gigantic the leaves of a crookneck squash are. They look like dinosaur age leaves!
Side note: I find it amusing that Darth Vader has his own Twitter account.
The end.