Nov 15, 2010

Blog move is official... now!

Ok friends, my blog is officially moved here:

All new updates will be found there from now on! Also, all of my entries from this Blogspot blog are there, too. :)

Nov 3, 2010

Lavender Lilly

Yeehaw, new art to share! I'm sitting here watching Murder, She Wrote with my Hubs and just listed this little pretty in my Etsy shop:

Lavender Lilly ACEO
Finally I'm getting back into the painting groove. Had a lot of commissions lately, which is great -- but am starting to find some time to work on my own stuff, too. I think winter here in South Dakota is going to be a shock for this former Californian! It is so cold out right now, and it's only November! We've had a lot of adventures out here so far. So much to see and do around the Black Hills area, like Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse monument, a woolly mammoth dig site, Cosmos Mystery Area, cool towns like Deadwood and Hill City... super neat! We have a lot of things on our list to go see. One of my favorite places that we drive through is Wind Cave National Park...lots and lots of Bison. I should post pictures here of those. The little young ones are so cute! As are the prairie dogs that pop up all over.
The other day when we were driving home at night, there was a huge fluffy owl sitting right in the middle of the road. He didn't care at all that a car was coming and didn't move a muscle. Silly owl, lol! Luckily we didn't hit him. The wildlife around here is great, even if not too smart about getting in the roads sometimes.