Nov 30, 2009


I'm in a Christmasy mood...

Woodland Christmas

Available HERE in my Etsy Shop

Sorry I've been so absent in the blog world! There is a lot going on at present, and I've been very distracted. Pretty soon I'll be taking off to visit my relatives for a week and a half, so there will probably be ACEO cards showing up (since they're so small and portable whilst traveling). Hopefully I will get a good amount of painting done!
It is just about time for me to put up my little Christmas tree. I have to dig it out of the garage and my little box of ornaments. I love all the colored lights that are all over town this time of year. And hot chocolate! And eggnog!

Nov 17, 2009

A Rainy Day for an Art Post

New stuff has dried!

Mandolin Player

He Knows the Way

Argh, I still hate my scanner -- it totally washed out all of the subtle colors and shading out of this girl's white dress. Ah well, rest assured it looks a lot more interesting in person.
It is raining! It has looked like evening all day long, and I've been bundled in my gray little old man sweater. It is a day I wish I could curl up with a book and tea all day. Well, I can have the tea at any rate!

Nov 11, 2009


This one's all dry...

It is very cold and rainy up here on the foresty hill today... strangely, a few tomatoes still hang on to the withered plants pretending to ripen, but they look kind of mottled. Tomatoes in November??
Last week we had TWO birds smack into the front window of the house. One did not make it :( but the other I put in a box way up on the big wooden stepladder, and he was only stunned so eventually recovered. Poor birdies! I am not sure why they are flying into the window all of a sudden, perhaps they think the lily-ish pattern on the curtains makes it a real bush to land in.
This is *definitely* curling up and sketching weather. When I was little rainy days were my favorite days to draw, in my pajamas at the table in the dining room, where we had a giant window from floor to ceiling (just a window, not a sliding glass door). That, or I'd go out and roll in the mud in my best Sunday dresses (sorry, Mommy!).
*Proceeds to drawing*

Oct 31, 2009

Above All Else, Guard Your Heart

Above All Else, Guard Your Heart

...for it is the wellspring of life. (Proverbs 4:23)

These are fun, I tell you. It's been a long day, helping a friend of mine move house -- I think I got my exercise in for the day as her new place is up a gigantic flight of stairs! Over a horse stable, no less. It was actually a very cool place.
My brain has just wandered off somewhere, so that is all! It must have seen something shiny.

Oct 29, 2009

First Dance

My newest, hot off the drying rack!

First Dance

Available in my Etsy Shop

I'm fond of this one, I think because of the whimsical/stylized look. There is another similar girl that is still drying up on the shelf. Maybe this girl is going to the prom -- I never went to mine!
There are little sprouting green things coming up in the compost heap again, looks like squash. Surely there is a squash that will grow in the colder months? It's about time to tear out all the dead stuff at this point anyhow, so I suppose I could plant the new volunteers.
Brain turning off now. Goodnight!

Oct 26, 2009

Star Garden

Here's a rabbit for you.
Star Garden

I've two pieces in the oil paint stage to do today... and a sketch... and we'll see what else. Where's the chocolate cake?

Oct 24, 2009

Squirrels and Party Dresses

Good morn! Here is me, trying to break the habit of working into the wee hours by starting earlier. I have TWO paintings to show y'all today....

Phineas and Abigail

Available in my Etsy Shop HERE

Christmas Party - already sold, sorry!

The squirrels were fun. Phineas and Abigail are a couple of characters I've had in my head for awhile... Phineas has shown up a few times in illustrations but this is Abigail's first appearance outside my head. I have not quite yet settled on a style for them -- maybe this style will win out?
There is still a small, lone watermelon up in the garden patch that I ought to go pick. I wonder what winter vegetables I can plant? I'd like to have something going most of the year up there. Anyone have ideas? :)

Oct 18, 2009

Candied Flowers and Little Brown Bird

I have returned! Not that I went anywhere, but was waiting for these little ACEOs to dry. These two are in my new oil/mixed media technique -- which I am loving so much that I've been doing everything that way ever since I tried it.

Candied Flowers

Little Brown Bird

It is FINALLY decent Fall weather around here. I am bundled up in my little old man sweater, it is cloudy outside, and I have music on. I am even in the midst of doing a Christmas-themed painting!
Now aren't pets supposed to STOP shedding when it gets cold? There are giant balls of yellow fluff coming off of Belle (dog) and my tiger cat leaves his fur all over me whenever I snuggle him. What gives?

Oct 12, 2009

Illustration Friday: Flying


This pioneer lady is wistfully wondering where the birds fly off to every autumn...

Original is available in my Etsy Shop

Quail Girl

My other paintings are dry enough now :) -- here is another oil/mixed media girl!

Quail Girl

Original is available in my Etsy Shop

I really like this painting... she was supposed to be a girl and her pet quail, but wound up *becoming* the quail instead. Yay for new mixed media technique!
Unwillingly I think I am coming down with something. I have felt under the weather all day and have drank tea without ceasing. It's almost time to put away the springy lilac teapot and get out my red winter teapot!!
I had wanted to make some sort of cake or brownie this evening for women's Bible study tomorrow, but I don't know if I'll have energy to get quite that creative. It was a bowl of canned chili for dinner, even. Off to post my Illustration Friday...

Oct 9, 2009

A dry Dusk Blooms

Dusk Blooms is dry!

And she is available in my Etsy Shop :)

Today I am having a little supper get-together at my house, so I've been busy making ridiculously chocolatey cake. It's been hard not to sneak a piece before everyone gets here. I have also been doing more paintings in this mixed media style and LOVING it. I have two that are still drying, and I have decided not to post them twice like this one (heheh) so as not to drive my readers crazy. But... I will post them on Twitter because I am excited about them. They'll be blogged of when they are dry!
It is very quiet around here today, hanging out with the cats. The dogs have been banished to the backyard because they are shedding bucketloads of hair... at least until *after* my guests go home.

Oct 2, 2009

Dusk Blooms

I've had a painting breakthrough! Thanks to my friend Sara Butcher, who suggested keeping the best of both worlds with watercolors and acrylics/oils. (Thank you, Sara!)
So this has a watercolor underpainting, then three layers of acrylic sealant (which incidentally added an interesting texture), then oil paint glazes over the top. I couldn't scan this as the oil paint is not dry yet of course... so bear with my photo glare.

Dusk Blooms

Yay! I had such fun with it. I LOVE oil painting, it's just that it is frustrating with the drying time and all. But since this only has thin glazes over the top of an underpainting, I expect it will take significantly less time.
She started out as Red Riding Hood, but now the atmospheric effects make her a bit more mysterious than that -- so it's anyone's guess who she is. ;) I look forward to using this experiment more!

Sep 30, 2009

Meow... Georgian Era Kitty

I am so glad that Fall is finally here weather-wise! Here I sit, in my LONG SLEEVES and SOCKS. Two days ago it was still tank tops and bare feet. But I digress -- here's a new kitty (she was fun to paint):

Cultured Lady

Available in Etsy shop

And a little girl ACEO:

Pine Cone Girl

Currently on AUCTION

I am thinking about picking up the acrylics and oils again. I love my watercolors, but there are certain effects that I just cannot achieve with them (at least not without a fight!)... and perhaps it would stir up the creative juices more. I wonder how acceptable it is to have different mediums in one's portfolio?
I've been looking around at art on Etsy and there are just so many wonderful, whimsical things there. I often feel I'm too "straight-laced" with my work, not enough movement and playfulness. Hm.
The last crop of tomatoes has fallen to a sad plight -- some kind of tiny bug has invaded and everything is covered with little black dots/weblike things. Sad, sad! I'll have to figure out what that is so we can avoid it next year. I am glad at least we got two good rounds of tomatoes before this.
Off I go to dig out the acrylics from under my bed... :)

Sep 27, 2009

A Little Bird Told Me

This girl was awfully fun to paint.... I like this decorative style, it's kind of like doodling with paint in the background.

A Little Bird Told Me

Available in my Etsy shop

Also, I made a little kitty.

Tabby in the Garden

She happens to be on auction right now, HERE!

My mom and I went to the fish hatchery this weekend -- the salmon were still quite little, but soooo many of them. I guess there is a Salmon Festival coming up in October, and we shall be there! I really like the drive, very scenic country with the occasional barn and a lot of horses everywhere. Seems idyllic. Soon it will be time to visit the pumpkin patch. :) A new tradition for our family.
It was nice to get away this weekend and stuff myself with pizza and cheesecake. Now, home again and work to be done! And eat healthier, heh.

Sep 22, 2009

New Paintings

Great scott, I've been remiss in posting my latest work... so you get two. :)

Welcome (finished version!)

Available in Etsy shop

Decoration Party

Available in Etsy shop

I've been rather a typing slave lately so haven't been keeping up too well with the blog! Still been popping in a couple of times a day on Twitter though. I type & format college papers for a couple of people, and the term is in full swing. Thank goodness I don't actually have to *write* them; I always hated writing academic papers in school.

Sep 16, 2009

Illustration Friday: Welcome

A sketch this week... to be painted later! Grandma cat welcomes her daughter and family for a visit. :)

Sep 9, 2009

Spooky painting finally finished!

Her Fears Were Magnified

Original available in Etsy shop

Whew, I was about to give up on this one, but my lovely critique group talked me out of it and suggested a lot of good changes.
Boy, I have been just beat lately. Am I not getting enough vitamins or something? Not enough tiger snuggles? My brain has just turned off, so I guess that will be all for this evening!

Sep 7, 2009

Illustration Friday: Strong


I can't wait to go to the pumpkin patch this year, and have fun like this kid!

Original available in Etsy shop

Sep 3, 2009

Autumn time...

FINALLY it is September. I wish the weather would realize this, too... It's about 90 degrees in my house right now. Last month was so busy and full of crazy stuff, I'll be glad to see things (hopefully) slow down and I can get back to posting more!
Anyhow, I made these two little illustrations yesterday, and decided to auction them since I haven't done one of those in awhile.
Auctions are HERE!

Harvest Time ACEO

A Scholar ACEO

I am still thoroughly stuck on the haunted house girl painting, so I am going with FUN and CUTE instead for awhile and maybe that will help with the stuck. Good to keep the paintbrush moving.
Yesterday my Pa brought home a giant heirloom tomato the size of a cantaloupe. It's so cool-looking! Yellow, and full of interesting ridges and sections. I must find out what these are and grow some next year. Anyone know of giant heirloom tomatoes and where to buy the seeds?

Aug 24, 2009

Sketchy WIP stuff

Working on something for Illustration Friday....
Rough sketch:

More refined sketch:

Still much work to do!

Even though it is still very much summer over here, I am spending the day drinking warm herbal tea -- have a cavity that has started hurting with cold stuff. Bah!! Have I mentioned I am terrified of the dentist? I am going to have to drag myself over there sooner or later. Preferably sooner.
Second round of tomatoes have begun ripening, cucumbers have finally slowed down (good since we could no longer keep up!), and I used a great deal of the jalapeƱos to make jalapeƱo poppers. That was very tasty, and absolutely bursting with calories.
Back to drawing!

Aug 18, 2009

Little Birdies

Made these little guys today....

Hummingbird and Lilacs ACEO
Available in Etsy shop

Titmouse and Peonies ACEO
Available in Etsy shop

Been getting a hankering to illustrate the different animals/plants I see around here in the forest. These are some of them!
The melons are ripening in the garden finally, so there is an abundance of watermelon and cantaloupe. Yum!
Creative chaos for the day:

I think I need to rearrange the "studio", I am starting to feel cramped! Plus my mom has given me a lovely big area rug that wants to go in here somewhere... That's about all I've got for today. :)

Aug 11, 2009

Who's up for more owls?

Made these little guys yesterday:

Tea for a Saw-Whet ACEO

Original available in Etsy shop

Professor of the Barn ACEO

Original available in Etsy shop

I am irritated how my scanner sucked all the subtle coloring out of owl #2 -- rest assured, he has a lot more going on than this image shows! It is SO time for a new scanner. Anyone seen a Saw-Whet in person? I've seen some before when I lived in Eugene out at the Raptor Center (rehab for raptors!). They are the CUTEST THINGS IN THE UNIVERSE and they could fit in your pocket.
I've discovered people are really enjoying these little realistic animal ACEOs... so I obey the public. ;) I like them too.
I've been working on a sketch for Illustration Friday (Impatient); it may or may not be done in time! I'm also trying to finish a website for my Grandpa's memorial this Saturday, so time is getting a little pressed. Hopefully I'll have something done in time for IF though! Maybe it should just be a drawing, that might help.

Aug 2, 2009


It's done!


Original available in Etsy shop
Prints & such available in ArtWanted shop

My mailing list is having a glitch at the moment, so this blog post will have to do for an announcement! It's been that kind of a weird day. Really, oppressively hot/muggy...I am SO ready for autumn, and I am glad it is August so only one more month of summer. Though the vegetable garden is a pretty cool summer thing I must admit. Tomatoes are really starting to come in now, I just picked about 7 of them today! And gave away a big sack of cucumbers, as we are up to our ears in those.
Good gracious, almost midnight. Maybe I will indulge in a nice book.

More WIPs

Further progression of horse and girl...

It is done now, so I will post the finished result soon!

Jul 29, 2009

WIPs galore

Who's up for some slightly fuzzy pictures?
I am painting my little girl and horse illustration some more today...

A couple more sketches to be developed -- they may or may not look anything like this by the time I'm done:

My tiger is doing all the relaxation today (please excuse my laundry!):

Pretty as a Picture

Finished this little duo that's been laying around awhile...

Pretty as a Picture

I don't think that dog is interested in sitting still for a portrait!
Original available in Etsy shop

Jul 28, 2009

Back from bit of hiatus

Hi everyone, I am back -- for those who don't follow me on Twitter, there have been yet more difficult times for our family as my grandpa (whom we call Groompoo) passed away last week. We are doing ok, and thank you for all your well wishes and prayers so far!
Naturally I haven't really been in the mood to create or socialize much but I think I am going to get "back on the train" now... starting with today's no-pressure whatever I feel like drawing sketch:

I am going to paint these little friends as soon as I'm done with this post.
These are my drawing companions today:

Lucky and Kiba :) -- it is insanely hot at the forest on the hill; a scorching 117 degrees, so everyone is pretty much flopping all over floors and beds and such. Last I checked, Belle was flopped in the dining room and Bitsy under the coffee table.
Now to watch Hulu and paint.

Jul 16, 2009

Owl's Hollow

What would it be like to hang out with an owl for a day...

This is, in fact, available on Etsy :)

Jul 15, 2009

Today's Harvest

Can't resist sharing the garden fun today!

A bucket of goodness picked this morning. There were okra too, but we ate them. They aren't the least slimy if you grill them or fry them!

This is what happens when a potato grows in your compost heap. I wonder what the flowers will do?

The current state of the top garden. Squashes and melons have taken over EVERYTHING. I think we'll plan a whole lot more space for them next year. The mystery squash turned out to be acorn squash.
Back to painting for me. :)

Two more WIP shots

Going to have to stop for the evening as it is after midnight! But Schubert's piano Fantasie in F Minor for 4 hands playing in my earphones is so lovely.... I'll have to finish listening to it. :) One of my fellow music students and I used to attempt to play this duet back in the college days, ha ha. I'm afraid the "attempting" was more on my part than hers, she was a wonderful sight reader!
Well, goodnight then.