Sep 9, 2009

Spooky painting finally finished!

Her Fears Were Magnified

Original available in Etsy shop

Whew, I was about to give up on this one, but my lovely critique group talked me out of it and suggested a lot of good changes.
Boy, I have been just beat lately. Am I not getting enough vitamins or something? Not enough tiger snuggles? My brain has just turned off, so I guess that will be all for this evening!


Fotf said...

I love it Carmen, especially the vibrancy of the colours and the swirly sky and all the little details, birds, cat etc. Glad you stuck it out :)

sara b. said...

Bringing out that contrast really helped a lot! You go girl! Looks great. :)

Elena said...

Carmen! I love the details in this, the swirly sky, the swirly trees and all the detail in the wood fence. It's amazing!

Anonymous said...


Jennifer said...

Oh this is so great, Carmen!!!
Loving all your new pieces, hurray for AUTUMN! lol!
And so wonderful that you are part of a great critique group. Hope I'm able to find one to really get me pointed in the right direction :)

Kiya said...

Hahaha! Right outta Scooby Do with the fear radiating! =) I like it.

Oh the "being beat", i think it must be one of "those things" because I've not met a single person lately who is not experiencing it... maybe those swirls are NOT just in painted form. Maybe you're picking up on something.

Mighty Kwan said...

I love her hair and the balance you give between graphic shapes and more realistic textures. Very atmospheric and well done Carmen!