Sep 27, 2009

A Little Bird Told Me

This girl was awfully fun to paint.... I like this decorative style, it's kind of like doodling with paint in the background.

A Little Bird Told Me

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Also, I made a little kitty.

Tabby in the Garden

She happens to be on auction right now, HERE!

My mom and I went to the fish hatchery this weekend -- the salmon were still quite little, but soooo many of them. I guess there is a Salmon Festival coming up in October, and we shall be there! I really like the drive, very scenic country with the occasional barn and a lot of horses everywhere. Seems idyllic. Soon it will be time to visit the pumpkin patch. :) A new tradition for our family.
It was nice to get away this weekend and stuff myself with pizza and cheesecake. Now, home again and work to be done! And eat healthier, heh.


Anonymous said...

What wonderful art!

Susan Rodio said...

These are so adorable Carmen. Especially the top one!

sara b. said...

I can see where the fun would come in! Charming piece and I adore the tabby!!!!! Heh, it looked like a real photo before actually fixating my eyes on it. :P The greenery behind really makes the cat pop out. Beautifully done! :)

Fotf said...

and the background and birdies :)