Oct 29, 2010

My art is now available as rubber stamps!!

Yep, finally I can tell you all my new licensor... it is Susana's Custom Art and Card Design! We've been working together for some months to create an absolutely adorable line of stamps. They are just beautifully made, they did a great job making them. There will be lots of exclusive designs made for SCACD so go check them out!!

Carmen Medlin for SCACD

And happy stamping..... ;)

Oct 7, 2010

Things in the Works

Long time no see! Life has been a constant whirlwind since the wedding, and my husband and I have moved across the country (half of it anyway) to the Black Hills of South Dakota! It's so gorgeous out here. We found a place in the forest where there are plenty of critters. There are also a lot more color-changing trees here than I'm used to... so many birches and poplars showing their beautiful Fall foliage. Although our forest is primarily Ponderosa pine. Happiness. Nicely, I also have a dedicated art studio room at our new place too! First time I've ever had one of those. Of course, if we had kids at this house it would likely turn into a nursery, heheh.
This year has been something of a long rest from the art business, with an occasional painting or two showing up -- but I'm happy to say things are stirring up again and I am anxious to paint in earnest. I have a very exciting new licensing contract that I will be able to announce soon, which has been refreshing and fun to create for. I hope you all will enjoy the fun too! :)
Once again I'm thinking of moving my blog, but I'll be moving it directly onto my website. Thus, not hard to find, heheh. When that is all set up I'll announce it here. Since my name has changed and all, I've decided I want to use my married name for art after all and not do the hyphen thing... it's what feels best and most settled to me on the inside. Hence, lots of things are changing. Such as my website proper! My carmenkeys domain is still there, it just has a link to my new domain, which is (suprise) www.carmenmedlin.com so people can get used to it. I'm trying to make it as easy as I can for folks to find me by my old name. Also I'm working on migrating my Etsy shop over to the new one, and I'll let you know when that is done, too.
Lastly, here is a little deer that was in our yard:

So cute!!!