Sep 30, 2009

Meow... Georgian Era Kitty

I am so glad that Fall is finally here weather-wise! Here I sit, in my LONG SLEEVES and SOCKS. Two days ago it was still tank tops and bare feet. But I digress -- here's a new kitty (she was fun to paint):

Cultured Lady

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And a little girl ACEO:

Pine Cone Girl

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I am thinking about picking up the acrylics and oils again. I love my watercolors, but there are certain effects that I just cannot achieve with them (at least not without a fight!)... and perhaps it would stir up the creative juices more. I wonder how acceptable it is to have different mediums in one's portfolio?
I've been looking around at art on Etsy and there are just so many wonderful, whimsical things there. I often feel I'm too "straight-laced" with my work, not enough movement and playfulness. Hm.
The last crop of tomatoes has fallen to a sad plight -- some kind of tiny bug has invaded and everything is covered with little black dots/weblike things. Sad, sad! I'll have to figure out what that is so we can avoid it next year. I am glad at least we got two good rounds of tomatoes before this.
Off I go to dig out the acrylics from under my bed... :)


Eric Orchard said...

They're all beautiful!

Meredith said...

Oh gosh that kitty is cute!

Anonymous said...

Such lovely art,

Susan Faye said...

Miss Kitty is so elegant--a real beauty. I love seeing your new artwork--it is always enchanting!

sara b. said...

Carment, your kitties always look so real to me. :) I'm digging the new background patterns, they're pretty spunky and fun!

As for pulling out the acrylics, a thought crossed my mind reading your post. Why not mix them? There's a softness you obtain in your watercolors, not in your acrylics, but awesome affects you achieve in your acrylics, but not in your watercolors. It's not against the rules to mix. ;)

I'd be curious to know what comes from that...just a suggestion. :P

Carmen Keys said...

Hm.... I am intrigued by your suggestion Sara. Not sure how I would work out the logistics, but worth some experimenting eh!

And, thanks to all of you for your kind words! :)

Fotf said...

Love her hair too :)