Oct 2, 2009

Dusk Blooms

I've had a painting breakthrough! Thanks to my friend Sara Butcher, who suggested keeping the best of both worlds with watercolors and acrylics/oils. (Thank you, Sara!)
So this has a watercolor underpainting, then three layers of acrylic sealant (which incidentally added an interesting texture), then oil paint glazes over the top. I couldn't scan this as the oil paint is not dry yet of course... so bear with my photo glare.

Dusk Blooms

Yay! I had such fun with it. I LOVE oil painting, it's just that it is frustrating with the drying time and all. But since this only has thin glazes over the top of an underpainting, I expect it will take significantly less time.
She started out as Red Riding Hood, but now the atmospheric effects make her a bit more mysterious than that -- so it's anyone's guess who she is. ;) I look forward to using this experiment more!


Fotf said...

Hi Carmen, i wondered what you had done as the shine was quite apparent as soon as your page came up. I like it, i have little experience with paint but i can see how much more vibrant it looks. Perhaps she's off trick or treating?

Anonymous said...

That is so beautiful hon!

Anonymous said...

She's Little Red a la Mona Lisa

kiya =)

Anonymous said...

so sweet

Holly Durr said...

I love them breakthrough moments :)

Susan Rodio said...

This is just gorgeous Carmen, I see what you mean this technique gives a lot more depth, subtlety and loveliness to your work! Can't wait to see more, just beautiful :)