Oct 29, 2009

First Dance

My newest, hot off the drying rack!

First Dance

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I'm fond of this one, I think because of the whimsical/stylized look. There is another similar girl that is still drying up on the shelf. Maybe this girl is going to the prom -- I never went to mine!
There are little sprouting green things coming up in the compost heap again, looks like squash. Surely there is a squash that will grow in the colder months? It's about time to tear out all the dead stuff at this point anyhow, so I suppose I could plant the new volunteers.
Brain turning off now. Goodnight!


Fotf said...

Very pretty Carmen :) We never went to proms although they do seem to have them now, shame really.Have a lovely day :)

Anonymous said...

I love her. Great colors!

Janine said...

She is so beautiful ans she looks a little like you.
Have a great weekend and

Sara said...

She is so beautiful. I love the coloring you've chosen. Her dark hair and pink cheeks are lovely.

Carmen Keys said...

Thank you all very much!