Oct 24, 2009

Squirrels and Party Dresses

Good morn! Here is me, trying to break the habit of working into the wee hours by starting earlier. I have TWO paintings to show y'all today....

Phineas and Abigail

Available in my Etsy Shop HERE

Christmas Party - already sold, sorry!

The squirrels were fun. Phineas and Abigail are a couple of characters I've had in my head for awhile... Phineas has shown up a few times in illustrations but this is Abigail's first appearance outside my head. I have not quite yet settled on a style for them -- maybe this style will win out?
There is still a small, lone watermelon up in the garden patch that I ought to go pick. I wonder what winter vegetables I can plant? I'd like to have something going most of the year up there. Anyone have ideas? :)

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Loni Edwards said...

Awww your squirrels are adorable! Congratulations on selling your Christmas Party illo! Nice work!