Oct 18, 2009

Candied Flowers and Little Brown Bird

I have returned! Not that I went anywhere, but was waiting for these little ACEOs to dry. These two are in my new oil/mixed media technique -- which I am loving so much that I've been doing everything that way ever since I tried it.

Candied Flowers

Little Brown Bird

It is FINALLY decent Fall weather around here. I am bundled up in my little old man sweater, it is cloudy outside, and I have music on. I am even in the midst of doing a Christmas-themed painting!
Now aren't pets supposed to STOP shedding when it gets cold? There are giant balls of yellow fluff coming off of Belle (dog) and my tiger cat leaves his fur all over me whenever I snuggle him. What gives?


Janine said...

These two paintings are so beautiful.
But the most I love the little brown bird. It is that wonderful expression on the girls face and the warm autumn- colours that make this one so dreamy and special.
Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

What lovely pieces!

Fotf said...

Lovely Carmen, like your backgrounds too :)