Jul 13, 2009

Mice and Life

Hi everyone, long time no see!
Life craziness has gotten the better of me. Despite this here are some mouse ACEOs on auction! Click HERE for the auctions

Lady at Court

Hug from Mama

I haven't had much painting time for a couple of weeks, but have had a lot of typing time instead (I have a typing side-job). My grandfather is in the hospital, so we have been visiting him a lot too -- have had some real scares with him. Today was the memorial for a dear family friend (my dad's best buddy as long as I've been alive!), and my dad was brave enough to get up in front of everyone with a guitar and sing "I'm Going Home on the Morning Train". He did a great job, I was proud of him! I know Eddie would have loved it. So yes, with all of these things it's been a roller coaster around here going from one emotion to the next. Still trucking along.
Our garden has been exploding with vegetables, so many we cannot even eat them all. The tomatoes have begun ripening too and they taste *awesome*.
Today's sampling:

There were more squashes and some bell peppers, but they got et for breakfast.

Peachy and Sunbeam say hello.


Anonymous said...

Hello Peachy and Sunbeam. Wonderful art and photos dear!

Carmen Keys said...

And hello Cathy! Thank you! :)