Mar 15, 2010


Well hi everyone, and thank you for all your well-wishes! I have a new little wildflower painting to share -- truly I am inspired by Spring coming soon with all of its smells and pretty things to see. It was warm today for the first time in rather awhile, so I took the opportunity to sit outside in the sun. I hope that trend continues!

Bee and Wild Mustard - 6x6" Watercolor
Available in my Etsy Shop

Yep, still on my flower kick. It might last awhile. I have so many photos I have taken of little wild things and little garden things that I really think I ought to make use of them, eh? I am uncertain, however, what to do with these website-wise. Perhaps when I have painted a good chunk more of them I'll make a separate website for this style. What do you think? Or is that complicating things too much.


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful!

Meredith said...

Wow Carmen that so real looking!

Carmen Keys said...

Thank you, ladies! :)

Anonymous said...

Methinks you could simply add a "Botany" file/section to your current site =)