Dec 9, 2008

More whimsical stuff

Well good morning! I have a couple more ACEOs put up in my Etsy shop today.... just some quick little whimsies.

One for my Love ACEO

A Cheerful Giver ACEO

I thought it was time for another silly rabbit. ;)

I haven't been posting much about life in this blog yet, but I would like that to change! I guess it feels kind of alien after having spent so much time on LiveJournal and being rather comfortable there. I wanted this blog to not only be about art updates but about the life of an artist, so I'd better get cracking.


ButterCup said...

Oh my goodness, Lovely art!

Anonymous said...

So adorable hon

Heather said...

Aw! These are so sweet! I love the kitties you paint :)