Nov 22, 2008


So the change is now fully implemented, is now handling all my print orders! They offer all manner of neat stuff like mugs, tote bags, greeting cards etc so that will be nice also. People have asked me numerous times about greeting cards, so here they are!
This is my portfolio there:
It has the same images that are on my website, and you can still browse from my website for the same things if you like. I just won't be the one filling the orders, unless it is an original painting.
I sadly discovered a couple of casualties from all of this computer doom that's been going on. I lost "Visit to a Neighbor" and possibly also "Susie". Sad!! The backup files I had for them are corrupted. I MUST start making several copies of my backups, because even two can go bad. I really loved the squirrel one to pieces, so I am disappointed about that.
I didn't get around to Illustration Friday last week, though it is a subject I would have liked to do ("pretend"). Maybe I'll do one anyway, just for fun. I've been swamped this week trying to get all of my files uploaded for the ArtWanted prints program. And, extra sadly, packing up my little niece to go back to live with her Pa. I've had her for so long now, I really feel like her mom. But she loves her Pa too, and they ought to have a chance at doing life together I suppose. Not easy for me though, I can't even bring myself to put her toys away from the living room today as it will seem so final.
So! I am going to throw myself into working. It's time to get those illustration samples sent out, high time.

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Congrats my dear