Nov 7, 2008

Somebody loves me!

Aw, I've been tagged with this by the lovely Jenna Nilsson of Crafty Goodness:

Thank you so much Jenna!! :)

Also, I'm featured in Marie's blog over at Mytutorlist! Thank you, Marie! She's hunted down some other awesomely cool Etsy shops as well... like those nesting owls (love).

I've just taken pictures of all of my sketch journal I've been keeping for almost exactly one year. I am wondering whether to post it bit by bit here, or if I should put it on my website somewhere?


Princess Magpie said...

I always love looking at your artwork.

Hi, it's Magpie! I've decided to set up an account here; I just e-mailed you an invitation to be on my friends list.

I'm keeping my blog private, so only friends can post. said...

Hi Carmen! Thanks for linking back to me! You have a very nice blog here! I'm going to take a peek around...

Anonymous said...

Aw, that is awesome!