Jan 20, 2009

Handful of ACEOs and Pesky Artist's Block

Well it's auction and shop posting time, folks! I have a couple of auctions which are getting to be rare for me these days....
Auctions are here!

Caterwaltzing ACEO

Looking for Spring ACEO

And, one little guy in my Etsy shop:

My Sweet Kitten ACEO Click here for Etsy listing


I'm busy today working on my Illustration Friday entry for the week. The word is "pale", so I decided on watercolors instead of graphite (though I'm loving the graphite!). I've been in kind of an artist's block funk, to tell the truth. These happen to me periodically, seems to come in cycles. I envy those who have so many ideas spilling out of their heads that they can barely get them to paper in time! Alas, I am not one of those. :) This is why Illustration Friday and other "assignments" are good for me, it gives me something to work with.
And, as always -- even though I'm in a creative block I'm painting through it anyway!! This is very important. Otherwise I'll have painting paralysis!
Finally I got my very own copy of Uri Shulevitz's classic book on children's illustration in the mail today (Writing With Pictures). I grew up with the one my mom has, but I wanted my own! Yay. Good gracious but I love the smell of books. This one smells like a library book to me, heh.
I also have a fair amount of website work to do (someone else's, not mine) so I'd best get crackin'.

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Those are just wonderful Carmen!