Jan 30, 2009

New art: Scary Storm

Bunnies don't like thunderstorms!

Scary Storm Click here for Etsy purchase info

I need more work on perspective! Though granted, it is supposed to be a round room like inside a tree or hollow and thus it was harder to figure it out.
Ah, listening to Mozart's "Laudate Dominum" on my earphones right now, the Maria Zadori version. Heaven!!
It's a good night for sketching I think. Amidst my pile of commissions I've THANKFULLY been getting, I haven't had much time for it. But I shipped one off, have another sketch approved, and finished this rabbit painting AND started another painting.... so I think I can allow myself some fun sketching eh! I ought to make time for it anyway really, it is so necessary for getting new ideas and working things out at least for me.
It's kind of interesting how I can watch tv and listen to audio dramas whilst painting, but those are way too distracting for sketching. Have to have music and only music for that.


Pixie Wildflower said...

How adorable

Elena said...

Hi Carmen! I love the bunnies and the bunny slippers made me chuckle. I also like "watching" shows while doing artwork even though I'm really just listening as I'm looking down the whole time!