Jun 24, 2009


So I finished this horse illustration, and I thought it was fun to do:

New Baby
8x8in Watercolor and colored pencil on hot press paper.
A mare and her new foal are enjoying the sweet smell of the hay in the stable this fine spring day.
This was created for the “Ripped Off” 2009 EBSQ show! It is based on Kiya Sanders's (who happens to be my best friend!) “Horse and Baby”, found here. Kiya has also painted her own versions of my Talisman of Escape and November Shadow. The show isn't up yet so I can't show hers to you yet! It is a fun show to do, and it occurs once a year.

Oh yes, and:
Original is at my Etsy shop!'
Prints & such are at my ArtWanted shop!

The end.


Pixie Wildflower said...

**HUGS** Super!

aquariann said...

Lovely drawing! The baby is just too cute.

Jennifer said...

so pretty!!!

Carmen Keys said...

Thank you my dears!!