May 24, 2010

I say, it's Monday!

Paying bills – Yeehaw! It always makes me feel like a “grownup” when I pay bills, heheh. Probably about the only time I feel like that… Have to go to the post office today and ship off some art. I’m thankful for the sale, things have been slow! At this moment, every dog in the neighborhood has simultaneously decided to howl. Do they have some kind of howling sixth sense? Or maybe they just heard something that humans can’t hear and want to howl about it together. Either way, they’re probably having fun.
I’m back home and starting to feel the overwhelm again! Does anyone else feel a paralysis creeping on when there is too much to do? When I stopped by the store today I picked up a little bitty notebook that I plan on carrying everywhere with me… I often remember things I have to do or need when I’m doing something else and then promptly forget them seconds later. So I thought maybe this would make my life a little easier. Just as long as I *remember* to bring the notebook along, heh. I’ve often thought maybe a little digital voice recorder would be useful that way.
Anyhow, yesterday was a birthday party for my Pa and youngest brother. Pretty low key, we just all hung out together with my mom and ate delicious things. I made cake. My Pa barbecued. It was fun! Here is the finished Lucky dog portrait:

He is sitting next to the Belle portrait now. Never did share the Belle portrait on my blog, but it was from Christmas:

This upcoming weekend I’ll be starting the moving process as my wedding approaches. Agggh! Too much to do! Guess I’d better go do some of it before my dearest fiancé is home from work and we can play some long-distance Scrabble. I am glad for internet Scrabble. And for webcams to be able to see snuggly fiancé’s face.


sara.b said...

These are beautiful Carmen! Your style fits them perfectly. :)

Holly Durr said...

So pretty! I love all the new stuff you've been painting.

Carmen Keys said...

Thank you Sara and Holly!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work hon!