May 20, 2010

So I decided to make a Sale page

I decided to put a Sale section in my Etsy shop where I can put stuff/ maybe rotate things for significantly less of a price from time to time. Woohoo! Sooooo.... here it is:
Super neat, it's Carmen's Etsy Sale Page!
Sadly, due to the rental of a very lame movie, I have missed my beloved Fringe. I'll have to catch up with it on Hulu tomorrow I suppose.


Anonymous said...


Heather said...

Well, i DO love a good sale! ;)
Miss Carmen, how have you been!?! Its been forever. Hope all is well? your latest drawings and paintings are gorgeous. Sorry to hear about the rut, but sometimes you just have to paint it into submission ;)

Carmen Keys said...

Thanks you two!
Heather: I've been well, just generally overwhelmed these days with all the transitions going on. I used to paint my blocks into submission but I guess I've gotten out of that habit! That is bad of me...