Apr 19, 2009

Gardening is good for mending me

Good evening!
Boy it's been a stretch of doing rather non-creative work the past while, lots of typing and web maintenance. I am painting now though, after being inspired by this adorable blog: Doe-C-Doe
It's full of vintage retro goodness and it made me want to paint vintage-y looking things (involving rabbits and cats!). So I am.
In other news, I am making a garden! I tried one last year and utterly failed at it, so I was rather discouraged about trying it again this year. But I've been urged from the inside to do it, so here I am. This time I used baby plants instead of seeds, so hopefully that will significantly increase my chances of actually getting them to grow!

Ah, yep -- those are cat sand buckets. Gotta recycle, right?
On the subject of cats, it is time for gratuitous cat pictures! Humor me, will you.

Must be nice to be a cat, lazing on top of bookshelves. And Kiba manages to look so bored whilst doing so.

I like this shot of Bitsy in the front yard. Spring in the forest!! She's been spending a lot of time outdoors these days, as Kiba has taken a sudden love of chasing her relentlessly around the house. Poor Bitsy!

Here's that ruffian now, with his sly look.
Well dearests, I have managed to eat nothing but chocolate for dinner. This simply won't do. I'm thinking baked potato with feta, sounds like a strange yet intriguing idea.
Hopefully there will be art to post soon!


Anonymous said...

I love those photos!

Anonymous said...

Nothing but chocolate for dinner? =) "this won't do" - why ever not?! sounds absolutely lovely to me.