Apr 8, 2009

Random stuff on a Wednesday

Good morning!
I had this weird dream about an owl with bright colored feathers around his head, and it would come into the house if you hooted at it. Then it would play with your kittens (and not eat them). And everybody at our church lived in the same apartment complex. Heheh.
Anyway, right now I'm painting this:

Trying to think how I can work this into "Talisman" for IF! A good book is a talisman against boredom, right? Yeah. That's it. Though I don't think I would be bored at all with a couple of cats on a sunny, flowery hill. (But hey, maybe that's part of the story)
I have this weird dry scaly patch on my eyelid, for a couple of weeks now. I wish it would go away! I've been putting Vitamin E oil on it.
I really must paint now.


Fotf said...

Twit twoo, lol that sounds a weird mixture in your dream, you got me at OWL i am obsessed in a very small way with them they just keep turning up :-) Your drawing looks lovely, i wonder what she is thinking about!

Pixie Wildflower said...

That art looks great!

Carmen Keys said...

Thanks you two!

Fotf, I love owls too haha. I probably dreamt about it because I saw one the other day in the wild and they're just so *squishy* looking I wish I could cuddle one! I'm pretty sure that wouldn't go over too well with the owl though.... :)

Fotf said...

Wow how amazing to see one wild and free, magical. Today i was priveledged enough to listen to the blackbird singing for me on the roof of our bathroom, it extends beyond the upstairs downstairs, he didn't mind that i was there or that our cat wandered down the path :-) Love your painting now that it's finished, still curious to know what she is thinking! Happy Easter x