May 19, 2009

Garden for a Princess

It's high time I posted my latest painting!

Garden for a Princess
5x7in. Watercolor on hot press paper.
This royal maiden is enjoying a stroll within the castle gardens.

Original is on Etsy
Prints & such are on ArtWanted

It is warm and summery here in the hilly forest, and the heat makes me feel slow and stupid. The constant guzzling of water is helping, though. I have a stack of paintings waiting for me to get cracking on them! I'm trying to decide if time would be better spent painting as many paintings as I can, or if it would be better to spend most of my time on the marketing of it. Half and half? It won't matter how many paintings there are if no one can find them, I suppose.
Nose to the grindstone for me.


Heidi Ashworth said...

Marketing is a must! It's a bore but it has to be done. This painting is just lovely!

Angela said...

I love your paintings. So light and delicate.