May 25, 2009

WIP Gnome Girl and Garden Madness

Good afternoon, world!
Here's a peek at my WIP of Araya for my dad's birthday. Ack, have to finish today, his birthday is tomorrow!

After this I have to get seriously busy on another painting (haven't even drawn it yet, agh) for a show at EBSQ, an online artist gallery I am a member of. You are supposed to find a drawing that a little kid has done and then make your own version of it! Think the show is called "Childhood Re-visited". I found a cute one my sister did for me probably at about 11 years old that I am going to re-visit. It was between that and one of my youngest brother's "rug cats" that he used to do. They were so cute! He'd always draw these cats curled up on a rug full of crazy patterns. I miss both of their childhood selves...
So our garden is really working! The "downstairs garden" as I call it is growing tall, the tomatoes are starting to flower, the zucchini is starting to form. The upside down tomatoes aren't growing as fast but they still seem to be doing well. Maybe it just takes them longer to get to the fruiting.

Here is a cute little tomato flower:

Zucchini madness in a tupperware "pot":

Look at the little guys! The zucchini is what is growing beneath those funny hairy flower-things.

We inherited a pot of oregano. Have to put it in a much bigger pot so it will grow nice and large, and then we can pick off pieces for cooking!

A view of the sprouting "upstairs garden". No, we don't have any stairs, it's just that this one is in back of the house on top of the hill. Those cucumbers are going crazy!

Lastly, the Oleanders are starting to flower. I'm not a huge fan of Oleanders, but I thought this shade of reddish-magenta was pretty. They'll lighten a bit later to more of a fuchsia.

Thanks for hanging in there with my garden pictures! I'm just too excited that it is actually working.


Pixie Wildflower said...

Beautiful art and photos as always!

AWells said...

Lovely garden, and lovely work!