May 22, 2009

WIP Sketches and "Green Lights" glow worms

Great scott, it is after 1am! And I'm still sketching... might call it quits after this blog post though. Today is all about works-in-progress, and I thought I might share some of them.

(Click picture to see larger version!)
So these are the things I'm working on right now. The little gnome girl is actually my niece Araya, and it's supposed to be for my dad's birthday. :) He never reads this blog, so he won't know! I looked at so many cute pictures of mice for reference that I might just have to go snuggle my cat from cute overload. Not that I wouldn't have snuggled him anyway. ;) Anyway, I'm really excited about the painting that is half-finished in particular! Here is a close-up of the girl's face:

Like I had mentioned in an earlier post, I'm trying to get the look I used to achieve with acrylics and oils, except with watercolor. It's actually started to work!! Getting the contrast right is rather challenging I must say.
Oh dear, moth just bit the dust literally in my floor lamp -- doesn't smell pretty. And now it is on fire!!! @_@
Had to turn it off. That was alarming. Back to our regular scheduled programming.
So last night my dad and I went on the annual trek to go look for "Green Lights" as we call them, which are a species of glow worm that are really rare; wish I could remember the scientific name for them! Anyway they only come out for about a week or so of the year, in mid to late May. We've only ever found them around this particular pond, and go every year to look. They look just like little green stars shining out from the grass and rocks! We found 3 last night and we shall go back a little later to see if any more come out. Next time I'll bring my camera and hope I can keep it still enough to get a good picture. It was really pretty out last night, the big pond was glassy and reflected back all of the stars.
It is sad that the more they develop the land around the pond, the less Green Lights we find. I guess that is getting to be a big problem for glow worms the world round, they need such specific conditions to survive. They are beautiful creatures!


Rose said...

awww your drawings are gorgeous *_*

Fotf said...

Carmen i love this peice, it looks more amazing sat amongst the unfinished peices perhaps because the colour really pops out from the paper.

Sounds like where you live is a mine of interest, can't wait to see the coloured lights if you manage to capture them :-)

Sarah said...

Just love your work!! I adore wips - always fun to see where people start and finish. I always start with the main figure - if I muff that - I have to start again anyway - lol.
I have never seen a glow worm - sounds heavenly!! We don't have fireflies here in Idaho - but I do looove them.
Enchanting piece! Sarah

Anonymous said...

How incredibly darling!

roz said...

Carmen, your work is just so enchanting.