Mar 22, 2009

Afghan mishaps, etc.

I've been crocheting an afghan that looks like a garden of flowers, and realized today that I forgot to make a whole bunch of the squares (and I've already made ever so many joining seams). Rats! Guess I'm not as close as I thought to finishing.
Anyhow, I have a new little painting to show:

Garden Dance
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I thought we might have a little more "random photos from my life" today. Well they're really not that random, because it is all about how I spent my morning once I got home from church. I really did not want to go to church at all at first but I am glad I did -- I'm always blessed when I go despite my morning grumps. (Not really a morning person).
I had this for breakfast:

Grilled onions and bell peppers with seeds sprinkled on! It was so tasty, I wish I had some more to eat right NOW. I've been on an absolutely no sugar, no caffeine and no white flour detox for a couple of weeks, so I have learned to eat my veggies in new ways. Bah, I'm such a grain-eater. I really miss chocolate too. I am trying to do this for about a month.
Here is my morning tea ritual:

Peppermint, yum!
Also I practiced my alto recorder for awhile -- shame on me, I haven't practiced very much for a couple of months. When my niece was here I played it all the time since she enjoyed it and I couldn't really do a lot of painting and such. Now she has her own green one, too that I keep here for her when visiting. ;)

Off I go to figure this afghan thing out! :P


Elena said...

Yay, for more "this if my life" posts! Now could you explain to me how you can paint such beautiful and intricate watercolors so quickly when I take days for simple drawings!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful art. I have a recorder too, but I haven't picked it up in years. So many things I should do! Peppermint tea...YUM!

Carmen Keys said...

Elena: Heheh, this painting did take me a few days actually. I've slipped into so many of these little quick things that any level of detail is taking me a lot longer any more!
Cathy: Thank you! :) Ooo -- if we lived closer we could do recorder duets.