Mar 23, 2009

Notice the small things

Howdy and now for some random thoughts...
It seems our society is very interested in bigger, better, more exciting, more flashy, MORE period -- and I thought it would be nice to step back and look at some of the *little things*, simple things that I enjoy that would probably not even be noticed usually.
1. I like how the little drops of water line up on the top rail in the shower, all in a row. I like to take my finger across the rail and make all of the drops go down my hand -- and they're always cooler than the hot water of the shower. Maybe that's weird, but there it is. ;)
2. A patch of moss on the ground can be almost irresistible! Velvety green and squishy and I like to touch it.
3. I like when my cat's fur is in a patch of sunlight, and if I look real close every hair has rainbows in it.
4. I like how when you stir a cup of hot chocolate, you will get a spiral galaxy in your cup.
5. I love to smell a box of crayons.
6. My favorite word is "susurrus", which means the sound of the wind through the trees. It reminds me of Psalm 96 where it says, "Then all the trees of the forest will sing for joy before the LORD". I really think they are singing, with a little help from friend wind.
7. The smell of wet, fallen leaves = mmmmmm.
8. I like to watch people write with a pen. Just how they move their hand and how the letters form.

Wasn't really going for a set number here, but that'll do for the present. Wow, I *really* need to stop eating these kettle chips. Help!
Lastly, here is a tiny woman riding a rabbit from the ol' sketchbook:


Fotf said...

It's really important to remember the little things in life, they are so crucil to appreciation of life. Love that you came up with eight too, my lucky number lol!

Anonymous said...

I love that sketch!