Mar 20, 2009

Sometimes I feel impish

Ah, so it is Friday. The week has slipped right past me! I didn't get an Illustration Friday done, bah. Better luck this week I hope.
Today I bought a couple of coloring books from the dollar store -- I've been coloring in them like mad lately. My dad likes to tell me I'm too old for coloring books, but I say nonsense! You're never too old for coloring books. My grandma used to go to her good friend's house often and color in coloring books when my mom was a kid, I'm told. Apparently it was good stress relief. :) That's one thing I love about Grammy, is that she has never lost that impish youth on the inside.
I give you all permission to have your very own big box of crayons and a color book! If anyone tells you that you are too old for them, just stick your tongue out and blow a raspberry or three. That's what I do.
Well I have an ACEO to share! I sketched it out on St. Patty's day, whilst sitting in the sunny yard. That day I had decided that I needed to do as much of my work as I could outdoors, so I plucked out a clover sprig and came up with this little girl:

In His Light
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And now I will share one of the weirdest trees I've come across....

It's very Tim Burton, don't you think? This tree is along Highway 99, near many many almond groves. I've never seen an oak grow quite this nutty! Here it is from a bit of a different angle:

Very snaky, very "too many trunks". Or something. But it is cool!


Anonymous said...

Lovely art and great capture of the tree!

Fotf said...

I too have a colouring book somewhere in my draws and quite often save stuff from Dover that is royalty fee for future use in some shape or form so i totally agree with you on that score. Love your twisty tree too that would have caught my eye. Love your little painting, very sweet but then i am a fan of the fairy folk.
Have a lovely weekend :-)