Mar 2, 2009

Girls and Dogs

Well I've gone ahead and put "Sunday Breezes" up for sale:

Original on Etsy
Prints & Products on ArtWanted

Also I have three new ACEOs with dogs in them! I rarely paint dogs so I thought I should get some practice in.
The dog ACEOs are all on auction here!

Best Friends

Dog School

My Yellow Dog

Maybe not very mysterious that they all look like our family dog Lucky, heheh.
It's been a strange kind of half-rainy, half-sunny day. I like the sunny parts. :) But of course, California badly needs rain so it's great we are getting so much lately.
I enjoyed painting "Sunday Breezes" so much I think it is time I did more faith-based illustrations. God is always my inspiration anyway!
I have finally obtained some new rechargeable batteries for my beloved digital camera, so I hope I get some nice pictures of the outdoors, sketches and such soon. I have missed my camera!
I think I'm finally coming out of this brain fog I've been in for weeks... sorry if I've owed you an email or have been slow about commenting. I've let papers pile up, messes creep in and that is never a good thing for this little scatterbrain. I've been spending some time organizing which is helping enormously.
God bless you all!


Heather said...

these are so sweet! I have recently become a dog person :)

Anonymous said...

Such lovely art dear!